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Online Yoga Classes


Tuesday 7.45-8.30pm

Yoga for Core & Pelvic Floor

This class is specifically for the core and pelvic floor. The 45 min class is a series of floor based movements specifically designed to rebuild, improve and maintain pelvic floor and core strength. I use a 360 holistic approach to core care including core exercises; relaxation; pelvis and lower back rebalance; emotional core connection and gentle stretches. Join from the comfort of home, all you need is your yoga mat.


"I wanted to write to let you know how much I enjoyed today’s yoga class. I felt strong and energised. As you recommended, I worried less about getting the moves and the breathing perfect, and more about finding something that worked for me. This is a revelation after all those years of high impact fitness classes! The breathing exercises brought a stillness that I don’t let myself experience in my daily life. I feel so much better. Thank you"

Jen's testimonial

“I was a beginner to Yoga and have felt very comfortable in Emma’s online classes.  She is a lovely, friendly teacher and plans her classes very thoroughly. She shares helpful explanations during the class about the benefits of certain movements or breathing techniques and she is able to provide relevant feedback to us throughout the class if needed.  I would recommend this class to anyone.”

Lisa's testimonial
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