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Online Yoga Classes

Weds 9.30-10.30am: Gentle Yoga

Mon 1.30-2.30pm: Yoga to Support Women's Health


Wednesdays 9.30-10.30am

Online GENTLE YOGA Class

A gentle functional movement and yoga class to maintain everyday movement, balance, alignment, breathing and relaxation. No prior experience or flexibility required! 

Open to all, this class combines slow yoga movement with breathing to build muscle; increase and maintain bone density; promote joint care; reduce anxiety; improve sleep; improve balance and posture, and puts your well-being first. I include levelled options, so you can choose what works well for your body.

 “I think your yoga lessons are a revelation.  I have been to many different teachers over the years but you are focusing on a very deep coverage of the many aspects of women's health.  I am so impressed and pleased.  Thank you so much.”

Mairead's testimonial

Payment for 6 classes: weekly class £36, class pass £42, drop in £8.00

Mondays 1.30-2.30pm


A combination of breathing, yoga poses, functional movement and relaxation to improve alignment, posture, muscle tone, balance and bone density. This class will also  help you sleep better; relax more easily and relieve anxiety. There is an emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, strength and release. In the women-only Yoga to Support Women’s Health class I use language that refers to aspects of women’s health. 

For Special Pelvic Health Classes click here

For One to One Pelvic Health Coaching click here

Payment for 6 classes: weekly class £36, class pass £42, drop in £8.00

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“I was a beginner to Yoga and have felt very comfortable in Emma’s online classes.  She is a lovely, friendly teacher and plans her classes very thoroughly, focusing on areas that affect women’s health and well being. She shares helpful explanations during the class about the benefits of certain movements or breathing techniques and using Zoom she is able to provide relevant feedback to us throughout the class if needed.  I would recommend that class to anyone wanting to get in to Yoga.”

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