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Yoga to Support Women's Health
Release, Breathe, Move Yoga with Emma 


Yoga to Support Women's Health

Mondays (term time) 1.30-2.30pm

Online Zoom Class

I run a weekly yoga class to support women's health. It's a combination of guided practice to support emotional health, perspective, self care and pelvic health, alongside physical practice to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, bone density, joint health, pelvic health and muscular robustness. 

I am a passionate advocate for women’s health, having had a bladder prolapse and pelvic floor issues. From our mid to late 30s our hormone levels begin to change towards a settled change in later life, post menopause. This journey can vary from woman to woman. It can be a time of energy, mixed emotions, anxiety, sleep changes, changes in pelvic health, and physical ups and downs.


Yoga can offer some of the foundational pillars of health, such as helping us sleep better, relax more easily, relieve anxiety, and improve muscle tone and bone density. In the women-only Yoga to Support Women’s Health class I use language that refers to aspects of women’s health. I find that women feel more comfortable in a women-only supportive class, and benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of other women.


 “I think your yoga lessons are a revelation.  I have been to many different teachers over the years but you are focusing on a very deep coverage of the many aspects of women's health.  I am so impressed and pleased.  Thank you so much.”

Mairead's testimonial

Payment for 6 classes: weekly class £36, class pass £42, drop in £8.00

Release, Breathe, Move
Yoga with Emma

Wednesdays (term time) 9.30-10.30am

Online Zoom Class

A yoga class to maintain everyday body functionality, balance, alignment, breathing and relaxation. No prior experience or flexibility required! 

Yoga with Emma classes are open to all. Yoga is beneficial for all of us, maintaining the health of joints, improving muscle tone, bone density, balance, posture and breathing.  This morning yoga class combines slow yoga movement with breathing, for building muscle, caring for bones and joints, reducing anxiety, improving sleep and putting your well-being first. I include levelled options, so you can choose what works well for your body.

Payment for 6 classes: weekly class £36, class pass £42, drop in £8.00

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