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Emma Williams

pelvic health trainer & educator

anatomy based yoga teacher 

As a yoga educator my aim is to improve body functionality in everyday movement, improve breathing, posture and pelvic health. My passion is women’s health, supporting and informing women about pelvic health and pelvic safe core exercise.

I trained at the Royal College of Music as a flautist and have been working as a freelance performing musician and teacher for over 25 years. I came to yoga in my late 20’s having had to cope with recurring fractures and broken bones due to Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia, a rare soft bone condition which I was born with. As well as being a freelance performing musician, I am also a qualified Hatha yoga teacher with a particular interest in anatomy and breathing. My 200 hour yoga training was at the Sweat Studios in Milton Keynes, I have also undertaken a 100 hour anatomy & physiology course (ITEC Level 3), Breathing Assessment Course (The Minded Institute) and a 7 week training course on Understanding Continence Promotion run by the Association for Continence Advice.

I had a prolapse which occurred after a particularly traumatic life event. I felt like I had missed out an area of knowledge about my body and once I started talking about it, was amazed how many women have issues with their pelvic health (leakage, prolapse, weak or too tight pelvic floor). These things occur in a very personal, intimate area of the body and many women just get on with it or are too embarrassed to talk about it or are unable to find the right support to improve things. These issues are NOT an inevitable part of motherhood, the menopause or getting older.

It took me approximately 1 year of rehabilitation plus on-going maintenance. The process of rehabilitation has interested me very much, so much so that I have undertaken training to work in the area of pelvic health support, awareness and rehabilitation.

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