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Emma Williams


pelvic health trainer & educator
anatomy based yoga teacher 

Pelvic Health for Women

£60 (4 x 1 hr)

Bring a friend and you each pay £40

3 session course

Tues Sept 21, 28 and Oct 5


This is run in small groups of 8 (on zoom) and there is no obligation to share stories. It is a supportive atmosphere for collective learning and listening. A mix of theory, discussion and practical movement work.

  • Pelvic floor exercises & stretches - How, what & why? How many? Am I doing it right?

  • Emotions & pelvic health

  • Exercise modifications for pelvic safety

  • Stress incontinence

  • Bladder, bowel & pelvic floor function 

  • Our attitudes to pelvic health

  • Intra-abdominal support and how it affects the pelvic floor

  • Breathing and its relationship with the pelvic floor

  • How posture affects the pelvic floor

  • Prolapse

I am a passionate advocate of women’s health, having had a bladder prolapse and pelvic floor issues post having children. From our mid to late 30s our hormones levels begin to change towards a settled change in later life, post menopause. This journey can vary from woman to woman. It can be a time of energy, mixed emotions, anxiety, sleep changes, changes in pelvic health, and physical ups and downs.

These issues are NOT an inevitable part of motherhood, the menopause or getting older. 


Most pelvic health symptoms can be managed or improved dramatically with the right support and information. Continence is a hot topic, 10% of all women experience incontinence. The NHS have included pelvic health and incontinence in their 10 year improvement plan.

You are not alone, 10% of all women have pelvic issues of leakage, stress incontinence, prolapse, weak or too tight pelvic floor and 1 in 3 will experience issues at some point in their life. These things occur in a very personal, intimate area of the body and many women just get on with it or are too embarrassed to talk about it or are unable to find the right support to improve things.

One to One Sessions

Pelvic Health Support

Sessions are 30-60 mins and are completely confidential. All work is external. Firstly, see your GP or a women's pelvic health internal physio before starting a course. The NHS squeezie app gives excellent info on PTs in your area.   

Some of the areas I work on with clients are:

Building pelvic floor awareness

Tweaks for better contraction & release

Full body integration

Practical exercises for relief, release, strength

Gentle strength & core rehabilitation

Breathing techniques

Subtle body alignment

Emotional support - confidence, fear, acceptance

Motivation, change, intention

please contact me to discuss emma@emmawilliams.co.uk

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If you have any concerns firstly make an appointment with your GP or health practitioner