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Emma Williams


Therapeutic Functional Movement, Pelvic Health Coach & Yoga Teacher

Women’s Health Class

The Bladder

2-4pm Sat 30th April £28

The Studio at Stowe MK18 5AB

A one-off special class devoted to caring for your bladder health. 


This 2 hour class is made up of a yoga relaxation sequence to benefit your bladder health, learning further practical techniques beyond yoga to calm an over active bladder.

Suitable for women interested in maintaining or improving bladder and pelvic floor function, for those wanting to find out a bit more about pelvic health and those who are experiencing issues, noticing changes, pain, irritation or the frequent call of the bladder.  

  • Relaxation yoga movement class to benefit your bladder health

  • Further practical techniques to reduce urgency

  • Useful anatomy, learning and insight to benefit your bladder & pelvic floor health

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'Emma's approach and delivery made this little discussed and embarrassing subject, easy to understand and actually enjoy. Her sense of humour and genuine understanding of all aspects of pelvic health put the group at ease right from the start, enabling us to talk openly about our problems. Everyone should know more about this subject!' Ginn 

'The course highlights were the ‘ability to talk freely in a safe, non-judgemental environment, it was educational, interesting and I enjoyed it.'  Arlene 

'I found these (pelvic health classes) interesting, as for others my age , no doubt you have debunked some of the things we were told to do years ago!' Mairead 

‘It was the first time I had experienced open discussion and education about pelvic health, and I see how vital it is’