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Emma Williams

Therapeutic Functional Movement, Pelvic Health Coach & Yoga Teacher

Therapeutic Pelvic Floor & Core Yoga Class Regain Connection, Confidence & Control

Tuesdays 7.45pm (45 mins) online class

Wednesdays 8.00pm (45 mins) Buckingham Viva Gym

  • Specialist class to improve pelvic floor function, hypertonic pelvic floor, pelvic floor weakness, leakage issues & prolapse symptoms.

  • This class is a useful support in addition to any ongoing care that you may be receiving for rehabilitation or with a physio - please consult your practitioner first before joining or consider booking a yoga one to one with me for specific issues.

  • Includes exercises for pelvic floor (including breathing, pelvic floor exercises & releases, pelvic alignment, pelvic rebalance and rest techniques)

  • Each class is 360 care for the pelvic floor and core muscles

  • Includes anatomy insight

  • Restores trust and confidence in your pelvic floor

  • Join the weekly live group class or buy a recorded class to do in your own time

This class is specifically for the core and pelvic floor. The 45 min class is a series of floor based movements specifically designed to rebuild, improve and maintain pelvic floor and core strength. I use a 360 holistic approach for core care including core exercises; relaxation; pelvis and lower back rebalance; emotional connection and gentle stretches. Join from the comfort of home, all you need is your yoga mat.


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'I came away with invaluable insights into movement and breathing. Emma gave a calm environment and explained very clearly how breathing, and movement worked. The sessions really helped to draw a line under what had been a difficult period of life. After each session, I felt I had taken a literal and metaphorical deep breath.' Kate

'I really enjoyed the combination of factual/science-based information, attention to mental health, and then physical exercises to help with the issue. It has been invaluable to make connections in all parts of the body to help support the pelvic floor issues I am experiencing. These sessions go deeper into the biology and mental application required.' Abbie

‘I really enjoyed my class with Emma. I’ve had trouble with pelvic pain after a difficult birth and miscarriages and so supporting my body through stretching and strengthening has been great. I was looking for something to get my body moving and my mind resting, and this really helped with both. I felt in safe hands and was able to ask questions about breathing and positioning. Emma has a lovely voice, is calm and supportive.’ Rosie

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