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Yoga Classes:


I have felt very at ease in the class.

Easy to follow and it was good to have comments about how we were doing. 5 out of 5 for presentation and individual support!!

It’s great when you have explained some of the anatomical theory behind the common problems in our body and how the exercises aim to address some of these. It really does add context.


Emma gave very clear instructions, and good clear demonstrations, often from different angles so we could all really see what we should do


I would certainly recommend the class as friendly and encouraging. You are an excellent teacher, listening and catering for our individual needs and adjusting the movements to the right level for us.

The small group size makes it feel more personal.

Emma is very nice and friendly, gives clear instructions and ask clients to discuss any injuries or concerns privately prior to the class.

Thank you so much, I've very much enjoyed taking part.


Pelvic Floor Classes:

I have discovered things about my pelvic floor that I didn't know before. 

Thank you for all the sessions so far - you explain the exercises very clearly in a sensitive way that is very inclusive.

I thought you hit just the right note and I feel I could have been open about discussing a problem if I had needed to.


On the pelvic floor, I feel much more mindful now of how that part of my body works and how to do something about strengthening those muscles.



I certainly did not find the class embarrassing when we were talking about it or when you were instructing us in what areas we needed to think about and related movements and breathing. 

I found these (pelvic health classes) interesting, as for others my age, no doubt, you have debunked some of the things we were told to do years ago! 

Therapeutic Functional Movement, Pelvic Health Coach & Yoga Teacher

Welcome to Practical Yoga

Emma Williams

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