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London Contemporary Music Festival

If you had asked me 5 years ago "What do you see yourself doing in 5 years as a performer" I would not have said 'improvising'. As a classically trained flautist I have always read music but increasingly improvisation has become an essential addition to my creative work. Performing at LCMF with Apartment House was a personal highlight of 2016.



The Times

'A truly inspiring weekend' The Wire ★★★★ 'Ecstatic energy... enthralling and moving' The Daily Telegraph

Here we are in performance at the London Contemporary Music Festival with singer Elaine Mitchener presenting rarely heard works by Julius Eastman, John Cage and Arthur Russell. The Eastman's 'Stay on It' and 'Femenine' were largely improvised works. The joy of improvising with the musicians of Apartment House is that there is a mutual trust and fearlessness which is very liberating and it is inspiring to be part of such a creative team.

These live performances were held at Second Home Holland Park, a beautiful industrial space and former photographer's studio

Photo courtesy of LCMF

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