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Venue Mayhem - Copenhagen

I was really pleased to join experimental contemporary chamber group Apartment House in a performance of Femenine by Julius Eastman at the amazing underground venue 'Mayhem' in Copenhagen back in October.

This performance venue had a hypnotic quality once the lights were down. A small open plan room with a bar, concrete flooring and a few benches. I got the feeling the audience were keen supporters of whoever performed in that space. We were also cooked a super risotto in the green room post rehearsal!

Mayhem was founded by the artists and musicians Maria Bertel, Tobias R Kirstein, Johns Lund and Sune TB Nielsen. They describe what they do: 'Mayhem is a venue for extreme and experimental sound and music run by artists and musicians. It's a hard to find place, situated on the outskirts of Copenhagen. A small place with a big PA, hidden behind graffiti covered walls.'

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